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Determining Patio Placement and Size

Tips On How to Determine Patio Placement and Size

Here is how you can determine the right size and place for your patio.

You may have the perfect idea for a new patio, but it won’t turn out the way you want if it has to fit in a tight space or if the surroundings aren’t ideal.  Your patio should serve as another part of your house, an extension that adds to the appeal and functionality your home offers. To achieve the patio of your dreams, it’s important to find the right place for it and decide on the proper size. Here is how you can determine the right size and place for your patio.

Understand the Purpose Your Patio Has

All patios are going to have a purpose, and the purpose you give to yours will heavily influence how big it needs to be or where it needs to go.

As an example, you need to leave space available if you’re going to have an outdoor kitchen installed. Patios installed in the backyard provide more privacy, whereas having one in the front yard might be better if you’re going to be supervising children who play there.

When you know the role your patio is going to have, it makes finding the appropriate size and place for it that much easier.

Choose the Shape of Your Patio

Think about what shape you want your patio to have. There are many shapes of patios out there, and they can serve many functions. Modern, geometric shapes work well when entertaining guests and they are best suited to be in close proximity to the house.

You could also go with an oasis-like style that has plenty of curves. While these patios can make finding space tricky, they are able to make use of open spaces that would otherwise be tough to use.

Incorporate Your Landscape Into Your Patio Design

Think about how much you want to mix nature into your overall design. You’ll want to think about a couple of things when setting up a patio near natural features of your yard. For example, if you’re installing a patio near trees, there has to be enough space to let the roots spread out.

If your patio will be used for a pastime like sunbathing, you should install it in a place where plenty of sunlight will reach it.

As you begin to factor your environment into your patio design, you will be able to narrow down your choices until you come to a decision that leaves you satisfied.

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