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Deck Safety Features to Consider

Deck Safety Features to Consider

Here are some deck safety features you should think about installing.

Nothing is indestructible around a home. With enough time, you’re going to run into problems. One of the areas that could start suffering from issues is your deck. You don’t want it to get worn down because it could end up collapsing, resulting in both your deck and residents getting injured. Fortunately, you can make your decking much safer by adding in a few extra features. Here are some deck safety features you should think about installing.


Railings are put in place so that people don’t accidentally fall over while near the sides of your decking. They aren’t for all decks, though. For example, decks that are low to the ground don’t need them as much because there is a smaller chance of a big fall happening. For decks that are at least 30 inches off the ground, however, railings are a great investment. You should have them be no fewer than three feet high, and they should generally be level with people’s waists.

Other perks that railings have include keeping unwanted guests away, even some animals that might try to wander on your decking.


Sealants make for other great additions to anyone’s deck. When your decking is sealed, it will be less likely to sustain structural damage, and the structure itself will be safer. For example, if anyone walks barefoot along your deck’s surface, they won’t have to worry about splinters if the decking is sealed.

It’s also not as tough to keep sealed decks clean. You can even raise the longevity of your deck because it won’t deteriorate as easily when the weather gets brutal as long as you have a sealant applied.

Ledger Board

Ledger boards are handy because they supply your deck with structural stability, allowing it to stand strongly for many years. Your deck will begin breaking apart as the board continues rotting and decaying over time. You’ll want pressure-treated wood when getting ledger boards installed. Make certain that concrete, stone, and brick are avoided no matter what.


If a lot of water pools around your yard after it rains, it’s in your best interest to get flashing for your decking. Flooding is a risk factor that must be taken into consideration for many yards. Flashing is a device that is designed to take water from your deck and send it to the ground. You’ll appreciate having flashing because water can cause a great amount of damage to your deck in excess. Even small amounts of water, if not addressed, will eventually cause problems. Without flashing, there’s a higher likelihood that mold develops on your deck’s surfaces, and mold is a great pain to remove once it’s there. You might even have to replace boards if the mold sticks around for long enough.

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