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Why Your Flowers Aren’t Blooming

Why Your Flowers Aren't Blooming

Here are the main reasons your plants don’t sprout flowers.

Many flowering plants will take a few years to start sprouting their first buds, but many healthy plants might not produce flowers at all even if they’re healthy, though they will create plenty of leaves. There are many reasons you might not see flowers, some of which can be managed while others have to be accepted. Here are the main reasons your plants don’t sprout flowers.

Too Much Fertilizer is Used

While feeding your plants fertilizer isn’t a bad idea, you can have too much of a good thing. Fertilizer will promote growth in your plants, and you’ll see a lot of leaves. However, the growth comes at a price, and that price is often a lack of flowers.

If your plants appear to be healthy, check to see if there are any problems before laying fertilizer. If they seem to be under stress, keep an eye on their growing conditions. Do your plants get enough water and sunlight? Do they seem to be riddled with disease and pests? Do nearby plants have problems as well? When your plants can’t access fertilizer, it doesn’t matter how much you use because none of it will be any help.

Pruning at the Wrong Moments

Late-season pruning has been known to lower the number of flowers found on trees and shrubs. If you get your pruning done late in the season, it can cause the buds to come off of your plants, stopping next year’s flowers from growing. This is most common for older plants, but no matter what plants you have, you should know when it’s best to avoid pruning. When you work with a professional landscaping company, they may inform you of this potential problem ahead of time, but it’s always best to be informed yourself.

Waiting for Maturity

Most plants won’t be ready to sport flowers until they have put down their roots and have an additional season so they can mature. You should consider that flowers aren’t going to sprout from plants due to vanity. Flowering takes a considerable amount of energy. There are some plants that don’t survive long after they’ve flowered. This is the reason that dead hanging before plants can set their seeds will make them bloom again.

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