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Helping your garden “weather” climate change

It won’t be long before we make the transition from winter to spring. Your garden has to endure the elements and as the weather gets more and more extreme, it is imperative to start preparing now. Through rain, snow, and intense heat, as well as other weather conditions, you want your garden to last as long as possible. Here are just a few ideas to help your garden handle climate change.

Use Plants That Work for your Climate Zone

Helping your garden "weather" climate change

Here are just a few ideas to help your garden handle climate change.

Before you install plants in your garden, consider your climate zone. All plants have a climate zone range at

which they thrive. For example, if your climate zone is 7, and you find a plant whose tag says zone 3-7, it most likely will not be able to handle the extreme heat that is sometimes experienced in this zone.Therefore, don’t plant it.  The reason is, it may thrive for a few years until you get an extreme weather event and then it will perish.

Think About Harvesting and Using Water

If you live somewhere that gets excess rainfall, you likely have too much water flowing into your garden. To remedy this problem, consider using rain barrels or other storage tools, such as underground cisterns and rain gardens, to keep your plants from taking on too much water. Not only does this protect your garden from excess water, but it also allows you to use the accumulated water at another time. This can be useful if there’s ever a time when your climate zone goes dry because you’ll have the water on reserve for your garden so that your plants will still get the hydration they need.

Install Permeable Surfaces

Permeable surfaces are great because they reduce the amount of runoff that goes down to our streams and rivers and eventually to our oceans. They come in many different colors and shapes. They’re also especially useful in areas that get an abundance of snow because permeable surfaces will melt more easily and drain quicker.

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