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Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Residential Fire Pit

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Utilize these helpful tips.

As a homeowner, you take great pride in your home, including your fire pit. The weather is getting warmer, so it’s the perfect time for those night-time social gatherings within the comfort of your own home. Routine maintenance is critical for the operation of your unit. Here are some helpful tips to get your fire pit in optimal condition for the spring season.

Clean All The Dirt And Debris From Your Fire Pit

The first step is ensuring your fire pit is off before diving into the cleaning process. That means cutting the gas supply or electrical connection before cleaning it. You’re already good to go if you have a traditional fire pit. Remove any debris, such as leaves, ash, and dust, that may have accumulated over winter. Take the time to clear out your burner pan and surrounding area. Any leftover debris will ignite the next time you light your fire pit, which could become a fire hazard or cause damage to your fire pit. You should also be sure that the vents are clear of any debris, as proper airflow plays a crucial part in safely operating your fire pit.

Check Your Fire Pit For Any Damage

Be sure to look around your fire pit for possible damage. Some signs of damage are dents, holes, rust, or broken parts that may have occurred over the winter. You should also inspect the igniter and igniter wire to ensure they’re still in tip-top shape. Then check any hoses, as sometimes critters and rodents can gnaw on fire pit parts, weakening the structural integrity. So be sure to check your gas line for kinks or dents.

Lookout For Potential Fire Hazards

Check that your fire pit still has adequate space to function correctly. If not, you’ll have to move it. Depending on where you live and the type of fire pit you have, you’ll need at least three feet on each side and six to 10 feet clear above to guarantee the flames don’t reach any awnings, low-hanging trees, or other combustible materials that might be surrounding your home.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact The Landscape Design Center this spring for all your fire pit maintenance needs!

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