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Spring Checklist to Prepare Your Landscape For the New Season

Spring Checklist to Prepare Your Landscape For the New Season

Follow this checklist to get your landscape ready for spring.

The weather is finally staying warmer, signaling to you that spring is almost here. Spring is the ideal time to catch up on all of the outdoor work you may have ignored over the winter. To revitalize your outdoor landscape, there are certain tasks for you to complete. Follow this checklist to get your landscape ready for spring.

Tidying Up

Spring is the perfect time to clean up all of the debris surrounding your landscape. There could be leftover leaves from the winter, storm debris, pollen, and spring droppings from trees. It’s essential to clean up all of this debris because it protects your garden against pathogens, rotting, and mold. While rot and mold are a completely normal part of decomposition, you don’t want too much of it in your garden bed.


Pruning Plants

Spring is the perfect time for pruning some of the plants in your landscape., Check your garden to see if it has sustained any damage over the winter. If you see any branches that are bent, broken, or twisted, they should be pruned regardless of what type of plant it is. Make sure your pruners are sharpened and clean. It’s better to go with clean cuts instead of tears/breaks because it allows plants to heal more easily.

Mulching the Landscape Beds

Mulch breaks down in soil over the winter. That’s why you want to apply more mulch around your garden during spring. Mulch is beneficial to any landscape, helping your soil keep its moisture, holding off the growth of weeds, and just making your yard look cleaner. However, it is important to aerate/rake your old mulch to make way for new mulch.  This gets oxygen to the soil to minimize fungus, as well as, allows you to remove excess if there is any. Too much mulch can suffocate plant material and cause crown rot.

Applying Pre-Emergent Herbicide to Prevent Weed Growth

The best way to combat weeds is to stop them before they even have a chance! By applying a pre-emergent herbicide on your landscape, you stop these bothersome summer weeds from ever popping up. It’s much easier to deal with weeds before they get out of control.

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