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Ways to Boost Your Yard’s Curb Appeal

We spend a lot of time around our house, and you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible. Adding more curb appeal to your landscape can quickly make your home more enjoyable, and even more valuable on the market when you go to sell your home. According to a washington post article landscaping can raise your property value anywhere from 5%-20%.  It all is very relative depending on how much you put in and the area that you live. There are several different ways you can boost your landscape’s curb appeal.


Ways to Boost Your Landscape's Curb Appeal

There are several different ways you can boost your landscape’s curb appeal.

A garden can be a simple yet elegant solution to give your landscape more curb appeal. Planting flowers and shrubs around your home can make it more inviting, relaxing and can sometimes cover up unsightly objects like utility boxes or ugly foundations.

A simple, but effective plant design can also help the take care of erosion and drainage problems.



If your drainage and erosion problems are too severe to fix with simple plant material, try contacting a Landscape Design/Build firm to discuss options to fix those problems.  Most prospective buyers are looking for any issue to use as a bargaining chip to get the price of your home down.

Your problem may not be as bad as you think. Also, you may be able to create more usable yard space, making your property look bigger!

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights are a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal in the evening. Some prospective homebuyers will be looking at your home after work or towards the end of the day.  Lighting is a great way to make a home look more inviting, as well as, extend the use of the outdoor space for yourself and the future homeowner.  With proper lighting, you can highlight features of your home in a way that natural sunlight never could. This lets you capture your home’s best features in ideal lighting.

Hardscape Features

Hardscape features do wonders to boost the curb appeal of your home. There are plenty of features from which to choose, including walkways, patios, fire pits, and more. Depending on the feature you pick, you can add a different function to your home. A new walkway can change the whole front feel of a home, while a simple fire pit can make a plain patio look more inviting. If you don’t have a patio, think about adding one.  It can create more living space and make your yard look cleaner and more put together.

All of these things work towards a common goal of getting your home sold at a fair rate. Give something to the prospective buyer that they won’t find at the other homes they are looking at!

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