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Making Sure Weeds Don’t Grow

Making Sure Weeds Don't Grow

Here is what you can do to keep weeds from growing.

Weed pulling is something that no one enjoys doing. There will be weeds that germinate, which will require you to spray them or pull them out, but you can take measures to keep these problems from happening. Here is what you can do to keep weeds from growing.

Keeping Weeds From Growing While Making New Beds

When you’re making a new bed, you can stop weeds in their tracks with the help of landscape fabric. After you’ve installed your flowers, plants, and trees, you should lay this fabric on your bed. Make sure to lay the fabric before you start to mulch. As long as you do this, weeds won’t be able to germinate.

What’s great about landscape fabric is that it can be adjusted to whatever size you need. Simply cut it to the appropriate size before placing it in your garden bed. This should last you somewhere between 2 and 5 years., depending on how thick the fabric is.

Keeping Weeds From Growing In Current Beds

If you have any weeds in existing garden beds, you have to eradicate them before anything else.  Germinated weeds need to be pulled out. Then, spray a solution with glyphosate in it to deal with them. Just be careful when using these solutions because they can be absorbed by your ornamental plants, which would be detrimental to them.

When your garden bed is weed-free, you should apply a pre-emergent product onto the bed. Whatever product you choose needs to have either pendimethalin or prodiamine. These will create a shield inside your soil that keeps germination from occurring in the future.


One of the more commonly-known solutions to weed problems is mulching, and it is, fortunately, one of the simplest solutions. Mulch is wonderful because it helps keep moisture inside the soil, and it also shields your plants because it fends off weeds that try to grow in your garden beds.

Something to Keep in Mind

While we just finished discussing many ways to combat weed problems, we want you to know that no solution is 100% effective at keeping weeds away. Pre-emergent herbicides and mulch, for example, have to be reapplied after a few months. Some anti-weed methods only work on certain varieties. It’s best to consult a landscaping company to get advice on the best practices you can take to protect your garden beds.

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