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June Is National Pollinator Month!

There are many pollinators in the world. Bees are considered the most efficient, but there are many other insects that are pollinators, and non-insect creatures such as bats and hummingbirds are other good pollinators Adding a variety of plants (native or non-native) with different bloom times is the best way to encourage pollinator activities.

Here Are Some Color Choices By Pollinator

Bees Yellow, blue, white

Birds Red, orange, or white (Hummingbird like the deep-throated flowers)

Butterflies Bright reds, purples, and oranges

Bats Fragrant night-blooming flowers 

One big NO NO is to use flowering plants that have been treated with pesticides or neonicotinoids.

Pollinators Favorite Plants

Sunflowers, Lavender, Liatris, Lilies, Daisies, Coneflowers, Joe pye weed, Hibiscus, Thistle, Coreopsis

Fun Pollinator Attractors

  • Mud puddles for  Butterflies
  • Bat houses & Bat Birdbaths
  • Bug houses
  • Bee houses
  • Reduce your lawn and plant alternative stepable ground covers
  • Install new lawn seed blends that are low maintenance

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