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Common Causes Of Drainage Issues Within Your Landscape

The Landscape Design Center Drainage Issues

Common signals you could have drainage problems.

If your landscape lacks proper drainage, your outdoor living space is unlikely to be enjoyable. You don’t have to be a specialist to recognize you might have a drainage issue. These problems are not only unsightly, but they can also cause significant damage if left unattended. Here are some common signs that your landscape is experiencing drainage issues.

Your Foundation Lacks Elevation

One of the most common drainage issues is when water is trapped at the foundation of your property. This can be a challenging issue to deal with, and it can also contribute to a damaged foundation. 

Gutter Spouts Are Filled 

Another common drainage problem is when gutter downspouts need to be adequately drained. If the gutter empties into bed areas or plant materials, you will have issues around your surrounding landscape. 

Water Traps In Your Yard

Improper grading of your yard might result in your lawn retaining excess moisture. This extra water will eventually damage your grass and plant life. Furthermore, if it persists, it may result in marsh-like conditions in these areas.

Improper Plant Bed Design

Your bed designs can obstruct natural water flow, preventing water from flowing in the intended direction. This could cause the water to linger in the beds, possibly damaging your plants. 

Your Soil Is Subpar

Clay-rich soils generally have drainage concerns because their density makes it harder for water to move through. When this happens, it can cause shifting problems. Sandy soil, however, allows water to pass through easily. Sandier soils are more suitable for drainage improvements, especially near your home’s foundation. Water will flow more quickly if the grading is adequate.

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