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Are Concrete Pavers Better Than Stamped Concrete?

gray stone paver patio walkway

What’s the difference between concrete pavers and stamped concrete? See how they compare!

Concrete patios and driveways are popular throughout Maryland and beyond. Concrete can last significantly longer than asphalt and is a tried and true material used since ancient times. Since it is so durable, does it matter what kind of concrete you use for your residential patio or driveway? More specifically, are concrete pavers better than stamped concrete?


Concrete pavers generally last longer than stamped concrete. Pavers form within a controlled environment in a factory, whereas stamped concrete forms directly at the project site, outdoors. In this condition, various factors, such as humidity and temperature, can affect the overall durability of the pavement.

The nature of each pavement type also shows pavers to be the stronger choice. They can withstand 8,000 psi, but stamped concrete can only handle 3,000-4,000 psi. Not only can pavers withstand more force, but they can also stay intact throughout the freeze-thaw cycle.


All concrete cracks at some point. Stamped concrete is poured over large sections, but pavers are individual, smaller pieces. Should any part of the pavement crack over time, it is easier to replace a paver or two rather than an entire section of poured concrete.

Maintenance & Color Retention

Maintenance of either stamped concrete or concrete pavers involves occasional cleaning via pressure washing or hand scrubbing every few years.

Stamped concrete has a thin layer of color on its surface which will usually fade in a short period of time, especially with frequent cleanings. Pavers, however, are consistent throughout in color.

Pavers can also be easily removed and replaced as needed if they become discolored from a stubborn stain. 


There are specific design templates for installing stamped concrete. However, with pavers there is a wide variety of colors and designs to create ornate patterns. Also, available now are porcelain pavers in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Talk with the Landscape Design Center in Edgewater, Maryland, to learn more about all your options!


The costs of course will vary depending on the specific application of the pavers in your landscape and the size of the project. The bottom line is that concrete pavers are better than stamped concrete in many ways, being an affordable, better long-term choice.

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