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Signs That You Need A French Drain To Improve Drainage Issues

A French drain is a valuable addition to your drainage system. This drain aids in the removal of excess water on your property. If you have issues with drainage, you should consider installing a French drain. A French drain is a pipe installed in the ground to collect rainwater. French drains are frequently used to solve drainage issues. French drains transport moisture from your property to a location that will not cause damage. Here are three indicators that require a French drain.

Landscape Design Center French Drain

Here are some signs that you might need a French drain.

Areas Like Your Basement Retain Water

If you have water in your basement, it is evident that your property has drainage issues. French drains are essential for more than just draining water from your yard. You can also use these drains to keep your home safe. If your basement frequently leaks, you should install a French drain. It can also help to keep your foundation from deteriorating if you experience constant water leaks into your basement.

Your Surrounding Landscape Also Retains Excess Moisture

Puddles in your yard or near your home can be a significant issue. If there are puddles, your soil cannot absorb any more water. This indicates a drainage issue, which you can resolve by installing a French drain to help remove any excess water. If you walk through your surrounding landscape and notice that it is wet, it could indicate drainage issues. Too much water can harm your grass and slow its growth. A French drain can help a yard that doesn’t drain well due to low spots or poor grading.

Your Landscape Features Retaining Walls 

If you have or plan to build a retaining wall, you should also install a French drain. Retaining walls prevent erosion and provide support for your home. A French drain will keep water from backing up against your foundation and pooling at the base of the wall.

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