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Common Indicators That Your Drainage System Is Backed Up

Landscape Design Center Drainage Blockages

You can use these tips to prevent blockages.

Many homeowners will experience drainage problems at some point during their life. These problems are not only time-consuming but may also be costly if addressed for too long. We’d like to review some of the possible causes of blocked drains to help you get to the bottom of whatever issues you’re having. Here are some of the most prevalent causes of drainage clogs.

Items Are Blocking Your Drains

Blocked drains arise when foreign things become stuck within them. These impediments can range from hair to soap. These impediments will accumulate over time, causing increasingly severe difficulties. All of the accumulated debris over time will eventually block your drainage system.

Bad Weather Can Be Harmful

We’ve all experienced stormy weather, and when the storm has passed, your yard may be littered with sticks and leaves, likely littering the ground. Your drains are not immune to this debris, so removing any post-storm debris from your drainage system is critical to avoid flooding.

Damaged Pipes

Another cause of blocked drainage systems is broken pipes. You must have functional, undamaged pipes if you expect water to flow smoothly out of your drainage system. Otherwise, the piping may collapse. Damaged pipes are typically the result of improper installation or tree roots causing harm beneath the ground.

Your Pipes Are Inadequately Installed

If your pipe installation is not done correctly, the pipes become more susceptible to damage. When it comes to your pipes, it is necessary for appropriate materials. With proper installation, you avoid the danger of spending more money in the long run on your drainage system.

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