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Ways That Drainage Problems Can Occur, and How to Resolve Them


Ways That Drainage Problems Can Occur, and How to Resolve Them

Keep reading to learn common causes for drainage problems, and what you can do to fix them.

Drainage problems can be more common than you may think. With that said, we’re still going to be surprised when they arise, and there’s never an opportune time for these issues to occur. If they do, though, you’ll want to know what actions to take to resolve these problems. Keep reading to learn common causes for drainage problems, and what you can do to fix them.

Downspouts are Faulty or Not Installed Well

When getting downspouts installed, you ideally get them installed by seasoned professionals. Unfortunately, not all contractors offer the same level of quality, and it’s possible that the one you hired didn’t install your downspouts properly. Downspouts and gutters are vital for keeping your drainage system functional.

To address drainage problems related to your downspouts, your downspouts and gutters should be cleared of all debris so that rain and snow can effectively be moved from your house. If your roof continues to be blocked, your house could suffer structural damage.

Bad Yard Grading

When you get grading done for your yard, the intention is to take water around your home and redirect it from the building. If grading doesn’t get done properly, though, your home can experience flooding, and sometimes even some structural damage as time passes.

You’ll also have to deal with standing water if yard grading isn’t done correctly. This can lead to pest and mold problems, and this doesn’t even take into account what damage can occur to your landscape.

To remedy this issue, invest in some french drains and catch basins. These are great for redirecting water from your house and getting rid of standing water respectively. Having a professional landscaping company help you with the installations is recommended to ensure everything gets set up properly.

Drain Pipes Have Roots in Them

Trees and other plants can cause serious problems for your drain pipes because the roots can spread out and cause damage to them. Sometimes, roots are even able to get inside of your drainage system, which causes even more issues.

To avoid this problem, it all starts with where trees are planted. Try your best to avoid planting bigger trees in places where you think they could present problems for your drainage system later on.

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