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Why Your Outdoor Lighting is Failing You

Why Your Outdoor Lighting is Failing You

If your outdoor lighting is failing you, here are some reasons why that could be happening.

Have you ever tried flipping on your lights only to find out they aren’t turning on? There are many reasons your outdoor lighting could fail you, and being able to address problems while they’re small can help you avoid more serious problems later.  It’s easy to believe that weather conditions are to blame, but more times than not, the weather is not the cause of your problems. Most problems have to do with the lights themselves or with the circuit. If your outdoor lighting is failing you, here are some reasons why that could be happening.


If your outdoor lighting isn’t turning on and you have power at the transformer, it’s likely because you have a short which causes the transformer to turn off. You should find either a fuse stat or a toggle switch in your transformer. If it’s a fuse stat, see if it’s blown. If it’s a toggle switch, see if it flipped to the off position. If you notice one of these, it’s because a short occurred somewhere in your system.

Bad Light Bulbs

Sometimes, your outdoor lighting problems have to do with the bulbs themselves. Your wire filament can sometimes break, resulting in your outdoor lighting going out. You should also check the size of your bulbs and see if they’re the right type. As an example, for outdoor lighting, LEDs are among the best bulbs you can choose. Lastly, check the recommended lumens or wattage. Light bulbs that are too strong for their fixtures can cause problems.


Tripped Circuit

Take a look at your circuit panel and see if any of your circuits have been flipped. If circuits haven’t been flipped, the culprit could be a faulty breaker or a blown fuse. In situations like these, it’s best to get professional help handling the problem as it can be dangerous to handle alone.

Physical Damage to Your Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes, your problem can be as simple as having your lighting fixtures damaged. If your lights are damaged, replace them with new lights. Also, you should check your wiring and connections whenever you detect physical damage on your outdoor lighting. Your switch and outlet should also be inspected for damage.

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