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What Wondrous Plants Should I Use To Bring in Wildlife?

What Wondrous Plants Should I Use To Bring in Wildlife?

Consider looking into these wondrous plants that attract and offer refuge to many different animals.

You are not the only one who may enjoy the plants in your yard. Some plants have the potential to attract various kinds of beneficial wildlife to your yard, transforming your outdoor landscape from a simple yard into your very own safari paradise. Consider looking into these wondrous plants that attract and offer refuge to many different animals.

Plants that provide food

There are so many plants that can provide sustenance to animals, birds AND insects.  They are also hybrids that not only help out critters, but they also look great. For instance, Dwarf Butterfly Bushes.  These are great for lots of different winged friends AND the smaller varieties allow us to use them where regular butterfly bushes can’t be used.  Winterberries are a favorite for bird lovers but the regular variety can get leggy and big. Why not try and newer variety like “Berry Poppins”? It only gets 4’ tall and is FULL of berries!  Just remember these plants come male and female, so in order to get berries you will need both female and male plants! Not to mention that they are also native to Maryland!

Native Varieties

Natives can be a great addition to the garden for you and the wildlife.  There are some natives that are known to attract hard to find wildlife, such as Monarch Butterflies! An example of one of these native varieties is Joe-pye weed or a smaller variety called Little Joe. What keeps animals coming to these wondrous plants is the large blooms it has for extended periods of time. The blooms are filled with nectar and pollen, which lures in different birds, bees, and butterflies. Some native plants also have vibrant colors, such as lavender, pink, and white, that help make your yard look gorgeous.

Plants That Offer Protection To Wildlife

While some of these wondrous plants bring animals to them for a brief visit, other plants bring wildlife to them for refuge. If your yard harbors greenery that could serve as a home for them, you could see much more variety in the types of animals you see in your outdoor landscape.

An example would be the oak tree. Oak trees are tall, strong, and sturdy, and have a lot to offer to various animals. Squirrels and chipmunks gather the acorns that fall from the tree and use them as food. Other animals, including nesting birds such as blue jays and woodpeckers, make oak trees their home. They use the sturdy branches to prepare their nests so that their babies have a safe place to be raised and nourished.

In Summary

If you put plants in your yard that offer something to the wildlife around you, you’ll find yourself surrounded by all sorts of amazing specimen. You can take your yard and turn it into a wildlife excursion. For those of you who want to be more in touch with nature, these aforementioned plant types would be ideal inclusions in your garden.

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