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What to Consider if You Want a Pond Installation in Your Yard

A pond installation could be a perfect idea as we approach fall. During the warmer months of spring and summer, weather can get rainy, which delays the installation process. Fall weather is cooler and more predictable. Also, by doing your pond installation in the fall, the pond has plenty of time to get settled and matured so it will be ready for spring. But you can’t just install a pond without putting some thought into it. Considering the following when having a pond installation done in your yard.

Design of Your Pond

What to Consider if You Want a Pond Installation in Your Yard

Considering the following when having a pond installation done in your yard.

The first thing to think about for your pond installation is the design of your pond. There are all sorts of designs to consider. The shape of your pond determines how it will fit into your outdoor landscape. You also want to think about what types of rocks and plants you want inside of your pond. Fall is a great time to put plants in your pond because it gives them time to get rooted so they can be healthy and ready for spring when the weather warms up.

Placement of your Pond

Before your pond installation gets underway, you want to know where your pond is going. You want to factor in the shape and size of your pond when making this choice. On top of that, keep in mind that the pond has to get at least 6 hours of natural sunlight every day on at least ⅔ of its surface if you want to put any plants in it.

Pond Depth

Consider how deep you want the water in your pond to be. Depending on the depth of the water, you can have different types of animals and plants live in it. As an example, if you want koi to live in your pond, it has to be at least 3 feet deep. You may also want to consider a pondless waterfall that has no ‘pond’.  This is great for people that don’t want a lot of maintenance OR people with children.

Components of the Pond

You need to think about what is going in your pond before your pond installation begins. As mentioned earlier, different plants and animals require different circumstances to thrive. Alongside plants and animals, you can also incorporate water features such as a water fountain to give your pond some additional aesthetic appeal.

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