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What Happens When You Have a Poor Drainage System?

What Happens When You Have a Poor Drainage System?

A properly working drainage system becomes increasingly important as we head into the summer season.

For the most part, a properly working drainage system becomes increasingly important as we head into the summer season. In fact, poor drainage that is often the result of your landscaping can really hinder your drainage as well. The reality is, when there are poor drainage systems in your home or on your property, it can lead to dangerous conditions like mold and mildew — including structural damage as well. Ultimately, the deleterious effects of poor drainage systems can be incredibly harmful overall. Here are a few things that end up happening to your property when it comes to improper poor drainage systems.

Damaged Foundations And Cracked Sidewalks

There is no denying that a huge result of improper drainage systems includes damaged foundations along with cracked sidewalks. In fact, when you have water falling or completely gushing from your downspouts onto the foundation of your property it becomes incredibly dangerous to the structural integrity of the property as a whole. The reality is, when the sodden soil expands as a result, it really does end up wreaking havoc on the property overall. Ultimately, making sure your gutters are clear should be a routine thing that homeowners consider regularly.

The Results Include Erosion

Unfortunately, when you have improper drainage systems, you end up with an eroded property. In fact, a super common issue that accompanies poor drainage systems is the inevitability of erosion. The reality is, when water ends up running down over land and slopes, there needs to be a basin or trench to catch the excess water — otherwise, erosion is the most likely result. Ultimately, having an erosion control system can be great — but with it comes the need to always have a properly working drainage system on the property as well.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is no denying that the biggest issues that can lead to harm on your property include poor drainage systems. In fact, when you don’t have proper drainage solutions installed on your property, you might end up with structural damage along with the potential for mold or mildew as well. The reality is, ensuring that all your drainage solutions are in tip-top shape can really end up doing wonders towards your property overall.

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