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Traits a French Drain Contractor Should Have

Traits a French Drain Contractor Should Have

Here are some qualities you’ll want in your french drain contractor.

French drains can be a huge benefit to your yard. However, these drains can run into issues that keep them from functioning as they should. This is when it’s helpful to know a professional who understands the ins and outs of these drains. But what makes a drain contractor worth hiring? Here are some qualities you’ll want in your french drain contractor.

They Perform Inspections Before Digging

If you don’t call a professional to inspect underground and search for utilities, there’s a high chance of you striking one during construction. This is not only pricey to fix, but it’s dangerous as well. Therefore, you should always get a professional to detect your underground utilities before building a french drain.

They Use the Right Drain Rocks

The right kind of drainage rock is needed for the best drainage and permeability. Without experience installing french drain systems, you likely won’t be sure which stones to choose. A french drain contractor should have the ability to know which drain rocks are the best ones to use so that your system doesn’t clog.

They Use Drainage Fabric In Your Trench

Another mistake people can make with a french drain is failing to line their trenches with drainage fabric. This fabric is needed to separate the soil, and it keeps dirt from getting mixed in with your rock fill.

Professional french drain contractors understand this can be an issue, and they will make sure that the right fabric gets used inside of your trench, as well as make sure that the fabric is installed the right way.

Choosing the Best Landscape Fabric

When you have the proper kind of landscape fabric, subsurface water can be drained more easily. However, there are different types of fabric, and without experience with these different types, it’s possible to pick the wrong one and hinder your draining ability. When you work with the right drain contractor, they’ll know the best fabric to use for your drain system.

Keeping Excavated Soil Away From Your Trench

Any drain contractor worth considering won’t put excavated soil back inside of your trench. It defeats the purpose of digging up the soil in the first place, and it will make your drain system work less efficiently in the end. That’s why any contractor you hire should understand that excavated soil should be away from the trench.

Make Sure Your Drain Has a Positive Slope

If water pools inside your drain pipe, serious problems can befall your drain system. That’s why you’ll want to pick a drain contractor who acknowledges this issue, and addresses it by installing your drain system at an angle so that water is able to flow more easily.

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