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Reasons Why You Should Landscape During The Winter

Reasons Why You Should Landscape During The Winter

Find out why deciding to landscape in winter is an excellent idea this year.

Many people think about landscaping and instantly believe it’s something best done in the spring or summer. This isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, doing landscaping in winter has unique benefits for you, making it the perfect time to make a little home improvement. Find out why deciding to landscape in winter is an excellent idea this year.

Your Landscape Will Be Ready for Use in Spring

When the weather is pleasant outside, you want to be out enjoying the weather, not spending time on tedious landscaping projects.  If you  landscape in winter, you get a jump start on getting your yard ready for the warm months of spring and summer. While everyone else will be scrambling to get their home projects done, you’ll already be outside enjoying the beauty of your outdoor landscape.

Wait Times are Shorter

In the winter, it takes less time to get an appointment with a landscape contractor. This is because it’s a slower time of year for them. Most people elect to get their landscaping done in spring or summer. If you get yours done in winter, you won’t have to be put on a long list of clients as you wait for your appointment. You can get started on your landscaping project right away.

Designers/Managers Can Put More Thought Into Your Project

This goes hand-in-hand with how busy landscape contractors are in the winter. Not only do you get your appointment faster, but because they aren’t overwhelmed with customers, they can take more time to think about how to best complete your project. You don’t want someone rushing through your project only to have it done poorly. That’s a waste of time and money. If you landscape in winter, you have a better chance that a professional can allot the proper time to giving your yard the individualized care it deserves.

Use Your Yard During the Winter

There are many projects that you will benefit from immediately if completed during the winter months.  One of them is drainage. Though you see many drainage issues when it is raining, they also exist when it snows.  Get your drainage fixed now and don’t wait until the rainy Spring season because melting snow can do just as much damage.  Also, fire pits! Who doesn’t LOVE a fire pit on a chilly night?! And, there are so many fire pit styles to pick from!!  The final landscape item to consider installing during the winter is outdoor lighting. It can offer security as well as extend the time you can spend in the garden.  You can even get LED lights that change different colors for the seasons. Alliance lighting system  is just one of many systems that do this.


Get Ahead on Planning Your Garden

During the cooler months, you can work with a Landscape Designer to start planning your projects for the next year.  You can do a Master Plan or just a consultation to get a jump start on the planning process.  Once planning is complete, you can start installation in early spring and be ready to use the yard when it is nice out!


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