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Making Your Landscape Lower-Maintenance

No one wants to spend more time working on their landscape than necessary. If you’re busy juggling a job, a family, and a social life, it’s unlikely you have much time to tend to your outdoor landscape as well. However, there are measures you can take to make your yard less demanding on you. Here are some ways you can lower the maintenance requirements of your outdoor landscape.

Mulch or Gravel in your beds

Making Your Landscape Lower-Maintenance

Here are some ways you can lower the maintenance requirements of your outdoor landscape.

Mulch is a simple yet effective resource that helps you cut down on your landscape maintenance. It helps minimize weeds and gives a more unified look to your landscape. The most basic function mulch serves is to provide nourishment to your garden beds and protect your soil. Certain gravel can be another option.  Gravel does not add nourishment to your soil but it does do everything else.  You don’t have to replenish it every year.

Organize Plants Based on Their Water Needs

Watering your plants can take a lot of time, but you can make it a simpler job if you sort your plants based on how much water they need. For example, if there is a part of your yard where water tends to gather, consider placing plants that require more water in that area. This method also helps ensure that you don’t overwater or underwater any of your plants. If you have plants that need plenty of water mixed with plants that don’t need as much, it’s likely some of the plants won’t get the optimal amount of hydration.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

This will require you to do some research OR it might be a good time to get a professional Landscape Designer involved. A Landscape Designer can help you find out what plants will work the best in your area AND be THE lowest maintenance for you. You can also factor in native plants to this conversation. A lot of them are low maintenance because they are used to the area.

Add Walkways, Patios or Boulders, They Don’t Need Water!

Hardscapes (Patios, walkways, boulders, etc) add more functionality to your outdoor landscape, making it easier to navigate through your yard and add interest to your garden. Something else useful about them is that they reduce the amount of soil around your yard, meaning there will be fewer weeds you have to address. You will also not have to water them!  In short, there’s less land to maintain when you have hardscape features.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

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