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Making Your Backyard More Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Backyard More Eco-Friendly

Consider using some of these ideas to change your backyard so that it is more eco-friendly.

Environmental protection is always something for which we strive, and you can begin protecting the environment by modifying your backyard. Not only can you make your yard more environmentally friendly, but you can also create a beautiful landscape that doesn’t require much work to maintain. Consider using some of these ideas to change your backyard so that it is more eco-friendly.

Install Some Native Plants

If you’re trying to decide on greenery to install around your yard, consider getting flora that is indigenous to where you live. By using plants and trees that are native to where you live, you give wildlife like butterflies and birds a place where they can gather. Indigenous plants have also acclimated to your weather conditions, meaning they can take whatever Mother Nature has to throw at them.

You don’t even have to perform much maintenance on them because they will have a natural resistance to the diseases and pests that are common in your area.

Mulch is Always Helpful

Organic mulch is highly beneficial to people’s lawns. Mulch can help control the temperature of soil, and it can hold in moisture. Between these two traits, mulch gives plants an easier time growing healthily. There will also be a lower likelihood of weeds growing in areas where mulch is applied.

Beyond these initial perks, mulch even helps plants while it’s breaking down. While being broken down, mulch provides soil with nutrients. If that wasn’t enough, you can also apply mulch to your grass, which will lower your water usage significantly because of the moisture-retaining properties mulch has that we discussed earlier.

Make Sure Your Grass is Kept High and Dry

When you’re mowing your lawn, you want to keep your grass at a high height. You want to make sure you cut only a third of the blade’s total length at most. This is going to give grass an easier time holding in water and remaining healthy.

You should also keep the grass clippings on your lawn. Grass clippings are mostly made of water (roughly 80% water, in fact), and they have plenty of nitrogen, which is a valuable asset to your lawn because it allows grass to grow more green, thick, and full.

The Landscape Design Center Is Here To Serve You

At the Landscape Design Center, the client is always our number one priority. We are committed to creating, improving, and maintaining the environment – an environment in which our clients live, work and play. We work with a variety of electric companies in the area to make sure your lights are addressed properly. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and YouTube to stay up-to-date on all of our latest news.

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