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Make The Switch To Outdoor LED Lighting This Spring

landscape design center outdoor led lighting

Here is why your home needs outdoor LED lighting.

You take tremendous pride in your home and its surroundings as a homeowner. Installing LED lighting around your outdoor living space can improve the appeal of your home and its surroundings. This blog lists some of the numerous benefits of outdoor LED lighting.

Greater Energy-Efficiency For Your Home

Energy efficiency is one of the significant advantages of LED lighting. LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs as they provide direct light and do not emit much heat. As a result, they outperform traditional lighting options such as incandescent and halogen bulbs in terms of efficiency. According to statistics, LEDs use approximately 75 percent less energy than traditional outdoor lighting and last 25 times longer.

A Durable Outdoor Lighting Option

The fact that LED lighting has no filaments and is insulated with plastic contributes to its longevity. They are shock and vibration resistant and function well even in extreme temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor illumination. LED lighting fixtures are typically customizable and available in high-quality finishes like brass, bronze, and copper, which adds to their durability.

Reduce Your Carbon Input

LEDs are a sustainable alternative for landscape lighting systems due to their energy efficiency and durability, but they do not include harmful elements such as mercury. They also have no specific recycling requirements, making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional outdoor lighting options.

Cost-Effective Lighting

Although initial costs may seem high, LEDs being so energy-efficient also means the initial investment pays off quickly. According to experts, switching to outdoor LED lighting can reduce your monthly electricity bill by up to 80 percent.

Easy Maintenance Required

With up to ten times the lifespan of conventional outdoor lighting bulbs, LEDs are the lowest maintenance choice on the market. In other words, outdoor LED lighting can last for years with little or no maintenance needed.

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