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Landscaping Tips for the Holidays

Landscaping Tips for the Holidays

Use these landscaping ideas to get your house ready for the holidays.

The winter holidays are getting closer, and now is the perfect time to show off your holiday spirit! Now that winter is ready to begin, you have completed all of your fall cleanup tasks and are ready to embrace the new season. A great way to bring in the new season is with some holiday landscaping. If you’re unsure of how to get started, we have some suggestions. Use these landscaping ideas to get your house ready for the holidays.


If you have any summer pots, you don’t have to store them for the winter. Pots are perfect for placing at your front entry or on a patio. Pots can be made as simple or as complicated as you would like.

You can really get creative by using cold hardy plants or evergreens. They can hold different types of plants, clippings, painted branches, lights and more!

Cuttings and Garland

Cuttings from your garden can make some pretty amazing arrangements.  Whether it is winterberry branches (see on right) or juniper clippings, you can really add to an indoor or outdoor arrangement. You want to be aware, however, that critters and some fungi can come in on your clippings to just examine thoroughly. Also, most berries are poisonous to our four-legged friends and our children for that matter.

Garland is a versatile landscaping accessory to use for the winter holidays. You can make it yourself OR purchase it. It’s perfect to use around your front door, on railings, ledges or stairs. You can even put it on a banister and give it ornaments to bring even more life to your house.


Wreaths are a great landscape accessory. A  holiday classic. You can hang them on your doors, window shutters around your mailbox or out on your pier! Maybe even add some lights to really make it pop.  When you use wreaths as part of your landscaping design, your home gives off a warm, inviting vibe that will get people in the holiday spirit.

Window Boxes

Make use of window boxes. Window boxes let you put more color around your home when there is very little color to be found.  You can use them throughout the year so they are a great addition to many homes. They have lots of different designs to just try to find the one that is right for you and your home style.  Also remember maintenance. Try to use a low maintenance material for the boxes so you aren’t having to paint or stain them in a few years. Also remember maintenance of the plants. Whatever you put in there will need some kind of care.  You can consider getting an irrigation company to set up a drip system in them so that you don’t have to worry about watering.

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