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Keeping Your Plants From Drying Out This Summer

Keeping Your Plants From Drying Out This Summer

Here is what you can do to keep your plants from drying out over the summer.

Since summer brings incredibly hot weather with it, keeping your plants healthy and hydrated can prove to be taxing. Many plants die out due to dehydration over the summer, so it’s up to you to keep them healthy during this time. Here is what you can do to keep your plants from drying out over the summer.

Promote High Humidity

If you have plants that prefer high humidity, make sure you mist them frequently to retain moisture. For potted plants, if you don’t want to mist them, you could also have a shallow dish filled with pebbles. Fill the dish with water and put it on top of your pot. This creates a microclimate for your plants to thrive.

Water Well and Deeply

Proper watering is one of the most important things to do to keep your plants healthy. While it’s possible to water them too much, it’s less likely in the summer because of the intense heat that causes water to vaporize more quickly. When watering, make sure you don’t do it too quickly, and don’t use too little water. This causes only the top of the soil to be dampened, meaning they won’t absorb as much moisture. To ensure they get hydrated, water them slowly to allow the water to seep deeply into the soil.

Water In the Mornings and Evenings

The best times for you to water plants are the morning and evening. The sun isn’t at its peak for the day during these times, meaning the water won’t be vaporized before the plants can absorb it.

Shade Your Sensitive Plants

While water helps them, shade can be just as helpful. If they can handle intense sunlight, make sure to place them somewhere that has shade. They don’t have to be completely shaded, as long as they don’t take too much intense heat. Sunlight is still important for any plant, but it’s possible to have too much of a good thing in this regard.

Regularly Check on your Plants

See if your plants are in good condition every day. Do you see them beginning to wilt? If so, they likely need more water. Brown ones are often overwatered. Checking for these signs every day is important for ensuring that you are providing the appropriate level of care for them.

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