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Fall Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Fall Landscape Maintenance Checklist

Here is what you should put on your landscape maintenance checklist for fall.

We’re getting to the end of summer, which means it’s time to think about the changes that fall will bring. The temperatures will start to cool. The leaves will start to fall. The days will start to shorten. Naturally, with these changes in weather, there will be changes to be made to your landscape upkeep routine. Here is what you should put on your landscape maintenance checklist for fall.

Get Rid of Debris

Trees will start to lose foliage in the fall, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for dead debris. If you leave debris on the ground, it will keep the grass you have from growing. Leaves and weeds make great places for pests to hide, and they can also hinder your yard’s drainage. The drainage problem will become more prominent in the winter season when snow is most likely to fall.

Remove Any Dead Trees and Shrubs

Now that summer sunshine is coming to an end, are you noticing that shrubs around your yard don’t seem to be growing as you intended? It’s possible that these shrubs are dead. To check, scratch the bark around the base to figure out if there is greenery underneath. If you don’t find any green underneath the bark, there’s a chance that it’s dead.

Make dead plant removal part of your fall maintenance routine. It might feel bad to remove plants from your property because plants can help bring your yard to life. Fortunately, fall is a great time to install new plants, so you can bring your landscape back to life.

Keep Mowing

Fall yard maintenance involves making sure your lawn stays strong enough to get through the harsh temperatures of winter. That means mowing should still be done up until the end of the season. Once it gets close to winter, your mower blades should be adjusted to their lowest setting so that more sunlight is able to get to the crown of your grass. This helps your soil dry out more quickly in spring.

Use Fertilizer

It feels great when you can say that your grass is the lushest in your neighborhood. But this is not an accomplishment that comes without effort. You will likely need more than natural sunlight and water to maximize the quality of your lawn. With fall’s cooler temperatures, it becomes the perfect time to apply fertilizer to your lawn. This helps your grass regain its strength after the brutal summer heat has taken its toll.

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