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Diagnosing Outdoor Lighting Problems

Diagnosing Outdoor Lighting Problems

Here are five things you should check whenever you experience problems with your outdoor lighting.

Whenever your outdoor lighting goes out, many people will jump to hasty conclusions regarding what could be wrong. However, the problems with outdoor lighting are often not major, and they can be fixed with ease. Here are five things you should check whenever you experience problems with your outdoor lighting.

Check the Power at the Outlet of Your Outdoor Lighting

It’s best to rule out all of the simplest problems before anything else. Avoid digging for wires straight out of the gate and instead make sure whether or not the outlet connected to your lighting system has any power. While this may seem simple, people can sometimes overlook this detail.

Look For Any GFIs or Circuits That Could Have Been Tripped

If you still have power, the circuits and GFIs are the next things to monitor. It’s possible that they have been tripped. You’ll want to open your circuit panel and see if any of your circuits have been flipped. If it isn’t the circuit, the GFI outlets are the next place to look. Once you’ve checked the GFI outlets, press the reset button.

Sometimes, power surges can occur. When they do, circuits and GFIs are likely going to trip, and you won’t get anything to function until the power comes back. This means that GFIs in a completely different area, such as a garage, could have lost power, resulting in you losing power to your outdoor lighting system.

If you’ve determined that there is power at the outlet, and also that no GFIs or circuits were tripped, getting professional help is the best option. This doesn’t mean you have a serious problem, but getting the trained eye of a professional will make it easier to find and take care of any problem you have with your outdoor lighting.

See If Your Outdoor Lighting is Affected by the Secondary Circuit in the Transformer

Once you’ve looked at the power sources in your home, the next place to look is the transformer. Go to the secondary circuit and look for a button or switch inside of the box. If you see that the switch or button is off, it means that a circuit tripped. Flipping the switch or button back on is the first step to take, but if you see it trip again, you have a short circuit in the wiring that connects to your outdoor lighting.

A short circuit happens whenever two wires touch, meaning that a wire got cut. It’s possible someone was excavating in your yard (check to see if a landscaping company was recently around your property). If you have a problem with your outdoor lighting caused by short-circuiting, a professional would be the best person to contact. It can be dangerous trying to tackle this type of problem without expertise in the field.

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